Our Drive for Excellence:
The Micomp Solution

Micomp is an asset recovery solution provider, managing excess or end-of-life IT assets. Our expertise of process engineering and remarketing directly translates into recovery of IT asset value for our clients' businesses. Our goal is to continue providing effective, reliable, and financially secure ways to create maximum value for all of our business clients while upholding high moral standards for environmental awareness.

  • Logistics
    • Packaging
    • Ocean/Air Export
    • Domestic Wholesale
    • Documentation
  • Quality Control
    • Product Inspection
    • Product Audit
    • Serialization
    • Product Revaluation
    • Documentation
  • Warehousing
    • Product Staging
    • Asset Tracking
    • Onsite Inspection

Micomp offers several environmentally friendly solutions for your company. For more information, visit our Environment page here.

Which of our services fulfill your specific IT needs?

Whether you operate a small to large business or work for the education system or government, Micomp offers several solutions for your IT needs. If you are looking to recycle or remarket your old computer equipment, you've come to the right place. Take a look at the links below to experience the Micomp Solution; an environmentally-friendly solution to a potentially hazardous problem.




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