Finding the right tech could be annoying and expensive. At MICOMP we provide you with the right service and tech solutions made affordable and easy! Whether you’re a small business, Student / Educator, or simply an online shopper, your success is our business. Being your trusted provider would make certain of our goals as a
Certified Microsoft Refurbisher

For over 20 years MICOMP, The Premier Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher (MAR), has provided customers with affordable, functional and quality machines that not only work for your home but for your wallet too! Each system is professionally refurbished above and beyond industry standards to ensure you receive a product that you won't regret purchasing.

How it started.

From our humble beginnings as a small PC repair shop in Chicago, our company shifted with the authorized Refurbisher (MAR), has provided customers with affordable, functional and quality machines into One of the most important secondary market companies in the US. 

A small shack in downtown. A standard computer repair shop serving a wide array of clientele.

From making house calls to plug in the PC to the outlet to helping corporations liquidate assets for a move. Our company started with just 2 employees ,dedicated to the task of working in the budding personal computer market with only their burning passion for technology for sustenance. MICOMP computer repair center found success and fulfillment in helping customers and solving complex issues that were unheard of then.The business and staff members soon grew too large to stay in the city.

Shifting Markets. To be at the forefront, to constantly seek innovation and to help make the world a better place.

MICOMP computer repair center shifted with the market and filled a niche with servicing large scale company tech solutions. With end of life computers going to waste, we found that systems that had a lot of life and with a little added TLC could be put to use once again. With this we expanded into the PC refurbishing market. With our dedication and quality of work, our services came into high demand from both companies seeking to get rid of old equipment and end users looking for a nice PC that won't break the bank.

Why do we do it?

From dollars and cents to time and raw metal, MICOMP believes in getting the most out of everything. In days where every dollar and every second counts, we want to make sure nothing goes to waste. Like adopting a pet from the animal shelter, helping PCs find a home helps everyone and keeps the electronics out of landfills that can harm our environment and people. 

We are Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher

A MAR company carries the trust and responsibility of Microsoft to provide you with a quality refurbished system that is a cut above. With Rigorous requirements to enter and standards that must be maintained in order to be awarded the title of MAR, we make it our duty to provide a system that is installed with Genuine Windows Software, Tested to comply with the standards placed within the program and provides an experience befitting of the name. Whether you need just one or a fleet of refurbished computers Micomp has the robust and reliable computer to suit your home, business or gaming needs. 

We are here to help,
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