Like New and Cost Effective

MAR Computers close the gap between ownership cost and performance.

Our computers go through an extensive 30 point inspection process that includes previous data destruction, individual component testing, certification, new part retrofitting and finally, a fresh coat of paint to give it a Like New finish.*

The Highest Quality

MAR partners must meet a strict set of requirements before they can become a certified refurbisher including but not limited to:

• Proven track record to deliver consistent high-quality refurbishment across the board

• Excellent customer service and support

• Technical capability to pre-install genuine Windows operating systems correctly, efficiently, and free of software defects, malware, and viruses.

• A MAR partner employs strict standards and resources for data wiping for each computer.

• Great Contributor to CO2 reduction

• Genrous product warranty of up to 12 months

MAR refurbished computers reduce overhead and equipment ownership Costs.

Micomp believes in making quality computers Attainable for everyone. When you buy a refurbished computer from Micomp you save 20 - 50% off of major computer brands compared to new. Have peace of mind your computer is properly refurbished with genuine software, inspected for quality and reliability. If that’s not enough, Micomp refurbished computers include a complimentary Warranty and free tech support. Micomp offers discounted pricing on wholesale computer purchases for schools, resellers and non-for profit organizations.

How can I tell if I am buying a PC with genuine Windows?

Every refurbished device from a Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher includes a specially designed holographic Windows Certificate of Authenticity label. Your PC will include a COA sticker or a Genuine Microsoft Refurbisher label (GMRL) for PCs refurbished with a Digital Product Key (DPK). One of these 2 labels will be affixed to the chassis and are proof that the computer is properly licensed.

Computers Refurbished With a COA Windows License contains the statement “For use on a Refurbished PC – No Commercial Value” and includes the brand name of the refurbisher who refurbished it and pre-installed Windows on the computer. There is a 25 digit product key on the label, some with security coating covering them.

Refurbished Computers With a Digitally Installed Windows License has a GMRL sticker placed instead of the COA. The GMRL is new and will be utilized by all Certified Refurbishers. It has “Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher” text in the center box. If your device has this label, it has a pre-installed digital product key and will self-activate.